This is a question I’ve thought about and asked myself a lot over the years, but never more so than now I’ve arrived scarily quickly into my 60’s. I know that I’m lucky to be involved in the aesthetic industry and have access to the best possible advice but I keep asking myself what does 63 look like. Whenever I mention that I have a 22-year-old granddaughter I hear “you don’t look old enough”. When I go to collect a prescription, I’m asked to pay because the pharmacist assumes that I’m under 60. If I get into a conversation about my age, I’m told you don’t look 63. So, what does 63 look like? What does 53 look like? What does 43 look like? What does 33 look like? What does 23 look like? And so, it carries on and on throughout our life striving to not be older, but actually it’s not that bad It even makes me a little cross when people think I am younger because I’m proud of who I am and how I feel for me now, not trying to turn back the clock or considering any preconceptions of how a 63-year-old should look.

I’m not doubting that the way you look has an affect on how you feel, it’s so important that you take care of yourself and love who you are from a very young age. As a teenager I can remember struggling with the usual hormonal changes to my skin, something that both young and older can relate too, either going through or remembering how this time has a profound effect on your self esteem and confidence. We’re so lucky now to have experts who can help us during this tough time, gently, kindly and understandingly guiding teens through this difficult phase. These times can map the future of how you look and feel about your skin forever and can be positive if you take the right path. Unfortunately, social media influencers and reality tv can have the opposite impact. You should look young and fresh faced into your twenties not lifted and filled beyond recognition. This look can have the complete opposite effect, it can impact the way you feel about your looks and result in a continuous circle of being overdone.

Although it is a well-known fact that our skin starts to age from our mid-twenties, if the foundations are set correctly then throughout our twenty’s thirties and forties, as a woman, we can age beautifully, seeing the changes in ourselves along with all we’ve achieved in life so far is the most empowering feeling ever. As long as we carry on getting the right advise with results driven natural looking enhancements, we can be the best possible version of ourselves. Shared experiences are the most trusted recommendations you can get, being introduced to safe expert advice is absolute key. If you like what you see and you respect their opinion then ask, you’ll be amazed how many have had a little help along the way without looking like some of the celebrities on social media.

From 50 onwards we all may need a little more help to maintain our skin quality. I feel it’s so important at this stage to work with your aesthetic practitioner to keep you looking fresh, awake and confident for the rest of your life. Don’t chase your youth, don’t overdo anything and definitely don’t consider surgery if the non-invasive route can work. I feel very proud of the way that I look and feel at 63, with a little help from my friend I hope to look and feel the best I can for me whatever my age. So next time someone tells me that I don’t look my age, I’ll gracefully say thank you and secretly be very proud of the choices I’ve made and the advice I’ve followed along the way.


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